security camera in a storage lot
security camera in a storage lot

Tips to improve your storage lot security

Storage lots can house a variety of inventory – from company vehicles to heavy equipment. Designing your storage lot security to deter theft can be your best line of defense when it comes to protecting your business. Taking the right precautions is an essential step when it comes to keeping your storage lot secure.

We outline a few security solutions below which can increase your storage lot security. Employing as many of these security solutions as possible could lead to a safer business and more peace of mind.

Perimeter fencing

Keeping your business’s perimeter secure can help protect against break-ins or threats. Fencing can be used in industrial or commercial environments to provide security of your assets. A common type of fence could include steel posts joined with cable or chain. It’s possible this could provide adequate protection. Chain link is the most common fencing material, but other types include iron, masonry, and wood.

Unfortunately, chain link fences can be cut, so added reinforcement may be required. Installing additional horizontal steel pipes between fence posts can make it more difficult to remove items through a cut fence. Barb wire can be installed at the top of fencing to deter intruders from climbing over a fence. Check with local authorities to see if barb wire is permitted. Depending on the location, the use of barb wire may be restricted.

Fence gates should be constructed with quality professional series padlocks. If a chain is used to lock the gate, consider using a high-grade steel one.

Landscaping and physical barriers

You can use physical barriers to prevent both vehicle access and equipment movement from open lots. Barrier types include concrete barriers and blocks. Landscaping is also an effective tool. For example, to deter theft, you can dig ditches around your property or strategically place large stones to block vehicle traffic. You can also move temporary barriers as needed to block entrances or barricade the sides of an open lot.

Proper warning signage

Install large, visible signs around your property to communicate with the public. Examples of signs include: open/closed, hours of operation, under surveillance, private property, no trespassing, authorized personnel only, and danger – do not go outside.

Security cameras and video surveillance

Security cameras, also known as video surveillance or closed-circuit television (CCTV), can be used to monitor and record your business property. Many security camera providers give you the ability to watch live video of your property along with video replay. These systems can be used by yourself, security guards, or monitoring companies. The cameras can also notify employees if motion is detected. Video surveillance can deter intruders who do not want their faces or actions recorded. If you decide to use security cameras, it’s important to remember that camera placement is extremely important. Make sure all areas of your property that you want monitored are being properly recorded.

Intrusion alarms (Burglar alarms)

Intrusion alarms, also known as burglar alarms, can be installed for additional security. Intrusion alarms are designed to detect intruders, sound local alarms, and notify a monitoring company. Some common methods for alarming a compound using perimeter fencing include:

  • Alarm wires can be strung through a fence. An alarm is triggered if wires are cut.
  • Photoelectric beam transmitters and receivers can be placed inside the fence perimeter. An alarm is triggered if a beam is broken.
  • Motion sensors can be placed inside the fence perimeter and are triggered if movement is detected.

If a storage lot is not fenced, individual items can be protected using closed loop alarm systems, which include an alarm cable weaved through items for protection. When the cable is removed, an alarm is triggered. High target theft items may require both a fenced compound and a closed loop alarm system.

Security lighting

Since a well-lit storage lot can discourage intruders, positioning lighting to cover all high-risk areas can be very effective. Perimeter lighting can also be installed to help reduce dark areas where intruders may gain access to your property. Generally, lights should operate from dusk to dawn.

Making sure items are secure

If you have an unfenced lot, items can be secured with a high-grade steel chain or high-quality steel cable, along with high quality professional series padlocks. Items can be secured together or to a solid object such as a building or the ground. Keep in mind that this may not be adequate for large high target theft items such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), power tools, or vehicle tires.

Guard dogs

We do not recommend the use of guard dogs. If an animal has dangerous tendencies, the owner is liable for that animal’s actions. In liability coverage terms, that means you acknowledge the hazard exists when employing guard dogs, and you are completely liable when a dog inflicts damage or injury to a victim.

Guard dogs require special precautions to ensure the public’s safety and most security concerns can be addressed by methods other than a guard dog.

Ensure you’re covered

Even if you take the necessary precautions against storage lot theft, things can sometimes go wrong despite your best efforts. That’s why having the appropriate insurance coverage plays such a big part in any business’ theft prevention plan. With the right insurance policy, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is prepared for the unexpected. Learn more by visiting our business insurance page today!

This blog is provided for information only and is not a substitute for professional advice. We make no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information and will not be responsible for any loss arising out of reliance on the information.

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