Noteworthy News – Dec.7 2016

Stay in the know with our compilation of top stories that could have an impact on your company or your industry. Here is this week’s Noteworthy News:

Noteworthy News – December 7, 2016

  1. With a new year comes new expenses. Canada’s Food Price Report, an annual report published by researchers at Dalhousie University, estimates that the average Canadian family could be spending $420 more on groceries in 2017. Via CBC News.
  2. Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. recently announced it is introducing the use of a fully automated vehicle towing system at the Oppama plant in Japan. The technology is called Intelligent Vehicle Towing (IVT) and uses mapping and communication software to allow the trucks to navigate on their own. Via Today’s Trucking.
  3. Canadians are putting themselves in more debt due to low interest rates and decreased oil prices. A new report by Equifax Canada found that the average debt for Canadians increased by 3.6% compared to the same period in 2015. Via Huffington Post Canada.
  4. The Canadian Trucking Alliance is calling upon the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development to implement stricter policies to prevent the tampering of mandatory emission control devices in trucks. The organization highlighted that manufacturers, sellers and installers of aftermarket devices face significant fines and potential legal consequences in the U.S. while Canada has no such system in place. Via the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

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