Noteworthy News – Jan. 4, 2017

Stay in the know with our compilation of top stories that could have an impact on your company or your industry. Here is this week’s Noteworthy News:

Noteworthy News – January 4, 2017

  1. The ride-sharing mogul Uber has officially entered the trucking industry with the launch of UberFreight. UberFreight builds on Uber’s semi-autonomous trucking company Otto allowing companies to purchase their own autonomous driving kits to install in their own vehicles. Via Today’s Trucking.
  2. The Alberta Environment Minister made a statement that the province is “still standing” after the implementation of the new carbon tax on January 1. The new tax received significant opposition as it adds 4.5 cents to every litre of gasoline and increases the price of home heating. Via Canadian Underwriter.
  3. Ontario’s new carbon pricing system took effect on January 1 and has caused a rise in the cost of diesel fuel. Reported diesel prices have ranged from 5.25 to 5.50 cents per litre. Via Truck News.
  4. With a new year comes new technology and the retail industry is seeing some big advancements. From robots to virtual and augmented reality, here are some of the top new technologies for the retail industry. Via The Toronto Star.
  5. Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp will no longer be available on Android smartphones operating on Android 2.1 or 2.2 or iPhones running on iOS 6 or earlier. The company suggests that any users who wish to continue using the app purchase a newer smartphone. Via Global News.

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