Noteworthy News – Jan. 25, 2017

Online retailers cash in as they move into the brick-and-mortar market, Trump’s plan for the Keystone XL pipeline could be good news for the Canadian economy and Ontario truckers make their voice heard as the 2017 provincial budget is drafted at Queen’s Park. Stay in the know with our compilation of top stories that could have an impact on your company or your industry. Here’s this week’s Noteworthy News:

Noteworthy News – January 25, 2017

  1. More online retailers are moving to brick-and-mortar shops in an effort to capture a bigger market segment – and it’s working. Retail locations, pop-ups and mobile shopping experiments   from the likes of Amazon, Warby Parker and Indochino are changing the face of digital retail on both sides of the border. Via CBC
  1. The Red River Basin Commission says heavy rain and snowfall this winter could result in significant spring flooding for communities along Manitoba’s Red River. Experts urge residents to keep an eye on flood forecasts. Via Canadian Underwriter
  1. Ontario truckers are weighing in on the 2017 provincial budget, citing electricity costs, workers’ compensation and commercial vehicle safety as top priorities. The Ontario Trucking Association will begin a dialogue with Queen’s Park, hoping to introduce specific measures and address a range of key issues in the days to come. Via Today’s Trucking
  1. President Trump greenlights the Keystone XL project, but will that be enough to break ground? The controversial new pipeline would run from the Alberta oil sands to Nebraska, and Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr insists that TransCanada’s next steps will decide the future of the project. However, Trump has conditions that could change the face of the deal for Canada. Via Global News
  1. Canada is the new tax haven for wealthy cheats, according to a recent report from CBC/Radio-Canada and the Toronto Star. The investigation has unveiled shell companies that skirt the lax laws surrounding owner and operator registration in the Great White North, and piggyback on the nation’s glowing reputation in the global financial world. Via CBC News

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