wildfire in a field.
wildfire in a field.

Your wildfire risk mitigation plan should include these fire safety best practices

Last week, we talked about some of the fire safety best practices that you can take to help protect your property from a wildfire. This week, we’re sharing more ways you can help reduce the risk of a wildfire spreading to your property.

Take precautions and be prepared

Careful preparation and planning can help to significantly improve the chances of your property surviving a wildfire. That’s why it’s important that your risk mitigation plan includes steps to take before a wildfire threatens your property. Below are some fire safety best practices that you can implement to help protect your property.

  1. Store all combustible and flammable materials and liquids outdoors at an acceptable distance from buildings, fences, vehicles, etc. Consult industry and local laws for specific requirements. If your building is on a slope, combustible and flammable materials and liquids should be stored lateral to the building, not up or down hill.
  2. Use appropriate containers to store combustible and flammable liquids. For more information on how to safely dispose of flammable liquids, check out our blog.
  3. Establish a safe outdoor smoking area, such as a paved area, where dropped smoking materials will not start a fire. Provide appropriate containers for discarding smoking materials.
  4. Safely store compressed gas cylinders; cylinders can become missiles if a sudden release of gas occurs.
  5. Avoid burning materials outdoors in dry weather or during the wildfire season.
  6. Store garbage in fire resistant waste containers.
  7. Keep roofs and eavestroughs free of leaves, branches, pine needles, or other debris that could fuel a fire by performing regular roof inspections.
  8. Make sure your risk mitigation plan includes the use of fire extinguishers.

Taking the necessary preventative measures early on can help you be ready for when disaster strikes and reduce the risk of losing your property.

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