Livestock Farmers’ Insurance

A healthy looking chicken
A healthy looking chicken

From raising the animals to processing your product, your operations count on a variety of tools, procedures, and people.

We’re here to help protect your livelihood with insurance to address problems that can arise in the barn and in the fields.

What kind of insurance coverage do livestock farmers need?

Livestock farming depends on specialized equipment and exceptional quality control, and there can be costly consequences when things go wrong in either camp. We’ve compiled an insurance policy to address common challenges, concerns, and demands at each step of the way.

When can livestock farmers’ insurance come to your rescue?

When there’s a problem with the animals, there’s a problem with the farm. Livestock farmers can face major challenges when the weather turns on them, when animals get sick, or when their products are compromised or contaminated.

Make sure you’re covered for all sorts of scenarios by adding some specialized Farm Choice policy extensions to your basic Commercial General Liability (CGL), Property, and Auto Insurance Coverage.

Need more? No problem.

We have some helpful extensions too, like Heat Prostration, Milk Spoilage, and Top-up.

Stay cool when things heat up

Temperature changes can turn deadly, quickly. Take for instance a poultry barn: a faulty electrical panel could be enough to cause a power outage, which in turn stops the fans in the barn. Without proper air circulation, the chickens inside could overheat and die within a few short hours; if this happened overnight, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t have time to avoid the disaster.

Heat Prostration insurance provides coverage for the death of livestock and poultry from heat exhaustion when the atmospheric temperature climbs too high. Even a top-notch ventilation system is no guarantee that you’ll avoid a major loss, but if you were to lose your flock, heat prostration coverage would pay for the deceased poultry and the cost of removal.

Don’t cry over spilled (or spoiled) milk

Dairy farmers rely on their equipment to keep their milk safe and sound. If your milk storage tank’s cooling system unexpectedly fails due to a mechanical breakdown, you could be left with a whole lot of spoiled milk. Of course, contamination can also happen at various points in the production process, leaving you in the same position.

Coverage for Milk Spoilage will come to the rescue when an electrical interruption or mechanical breakdown messes with your milk supply. It will compensate you for the spoiled milk, and even covers contamination resulting from animal medication, cleaning solutions, and dirt as well.

Add a bit more for extra peace of mind

Incidents that seem minor on the surface could cost more to fix than you might imagine. If your expensive farm equipment breaks down, a barn collapses, or you suffer another pricey property loss, your basic coverage may not stretch far enough to cover all the costs.

This is where our Top-up extension comes into play. If your policy only provides $15,000 coverage for consequential loss, but you have a $40,000 claim, you could use the Top-up extension ($25,000 of extra coverage) to pay the rest of the claim.

Managing Risk

We know that the risks your livestock manufacturing business faces are different than the risks affecting other manufacturing businesses. We also believe that you can help safeguard your business against your unique set of risks with the right information and some smart guidance.

Our value-added services focus on helping you identify and mitigate the risks your business faces each day. An assessment of your farm equipment, along with thermal imaging of key electrical systems, can help uncover vulnerabilities in your equipment and materials. In-person consultations carried out by experienced risk services professionals can leave you with the knowledge and confidence you need to protect every aspect of the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

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