Auto Haulers' Insurance

Auto hauler in traffic.
Auto hauler in traffic.

Transporting vehicles is no easy feat, and with challenges like high operating costs and various cargo risks, carriers could use some support.

When you’re charged with bringing vehicles between staging yards, dealerships, and private residences, the right insurance for auto haulers can help you stay on track.

What kind of coverage do auto haulers need?

Hauling vehicles calls for specialized training, but even the best drivers can run into trouble on the road. When your cargo is exposed, it’s more prone to damage, and even a small dent in a car can be a big headache for your company. Since risks can come from all sides, your coverage needs to be diverse. We’ve developed a policy tailored to auto haulers.

When can auto hauler insurance come to your rescue?

From improper loading to rocks bouncing off windshields, cargo damage is not unusual for auto haulers. But there are other problems that can arise on and off the road, too.

Your insurance should be broad enough to respond in a range of situations that could arise between point A and point B, but also deep enough to ease the costly burden of a covered loss. Here are a few scenarios where specific features can come into play.

High-value cargo needs the right protection

A collection of exposed cars traveling down the highway can be at risk of flying objects, leaking fluids from the cars above, or even weather damage. And when a scratch or dent can carry a big repair cost, you’ll want to make sure you won’t have to pay out of pocket for the damage that could occur.

One of the most important coverages for an auto hauler is carrier’s cargo insurance: this is designed to help cover the cost of lost or damaged third-party cargo while it’s in your possession.

Training and maintenance errors can be disastrous

Auto hauling demands special training for drivers; without it, drivers can expose the fleet to cargo loss and personal injury claims. Maintenance is another key issue to consider: inadequate equipment maintenance could lead to things like ruptured hydraulic lines, causing injury, damage, and environmental contamination.

Aside from careful routine inspections and a commitment to driver training, auto haulers will want to consider commercial auto coverage that can respond if things go awry on the road. This coverage can help cover expenses related to loss, damage, and injury if your vehicle or your cargo is involved in a collision or damage to a third party.

A little slip-up can be a big problem

You’re aware of risks on the road, but keep in mind you can be held responsible for incidents on your lot or in your warehouse, too. If a visitor was to slip and fall on a slab of ice or perhaps a slick of oil, they could injure themselves badly – and blame you for the incident.

Commercial general liability (CGL) coverage is crucial for any carrier to have, considering how one small incident could bring expensive consequences. If a customer or other visitor brought a lawsuit against your company for an injury or property damage that occurred on your worksite, your CGL coverage could help with the costs of the legal proceedings.

Commercial Truck Filings

Proving that you have enough liability insurance to meet all federal requirements isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. That’s why we help complete and expedite federal filings for our customers who do business in the U.S.

Plans change, and last-minute arrangements can be stressful. When you’re short on time, we can get things moving right away, arranging your financial proof of responsibility quickly so you can stay on track without risking a penalty when you cross the border.

Need more? No problem.

We have other handy coverages for trailer operators, like our Select Endorsement: this extends coverage to include your operations as a freight forwarder or load broker.

When you deal with shipping contracts, you’ll welcome the features of this coverage, including Declared Value of Cargo, Brands and Labels, and Control of Salvage. Your broker can walk you through all the advantages of Select Endorsement.

Managing Risk

We know that risk differs across industries. We also know that your auto hauler operation is unique, and the challenges you face deserve careful consideration and a personalized approach. Insurance plays an important role, but it’s not everything – you can lean on our industry expertise, library of focused resources, and confident guidance to take your protection and loss prevention to the next level.

The Northbridge Risk Services team is the most experienced in the transportation industry. Our goal is to share the tools and resources that will help you identify risks along with opportunities that can add greater value and help improve your bottom line.

Each year, our team conducts over 5,000 risk assessments and service calls for Canadian businesses. We’re committed to serving our customers onsite and offsite, applying our expertise wherever – and whenever – it may be needed.

Risk consulting and advising is at the heart of our service. Ongoing industry-specific consultations, Collision Trend Analysis, and hazard analysis add significant value to the insurance programs tailored to customers in the transportation industry. Our High-Risk Driver Program delivers tangible benefits like reduced violations, increased intervention options for high-risk driver management, and the ability to recognize opportunities to change unsafe behaviours. What happens during a risk assessment? Take a look at what you can expect.

Northbridge offers a number of specialized training courses and programs, from customized Safety Manager Workshops to defensive driving and safety seminars, like our FACTS driving programs.

The Northbridge Risk Services training center has something for every fleet. Connect with our Risk Services consultants for more information about our training offerings.

We know hands-on help is important, but we also want to give our customers the tools they need to help themselves from the very start.

Our library of Risk Insights, along with safety management guides and forms, outline industry best practices and provide safety tips to help you better manage and control risk across your operation.

Resources for Transportation & Logistics Services

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