Risks facing auto repair and body shops

TORONTO, September 8, 2022 – Northbridge Insurance today released a whitepaper that highlights the top risks facing auto repair and body shops, and key ways to mitigate them.

When it comes to risks, hazards, and exposures, many people working in auto repair and body shops may think they’re safe. But a minor mistake or accident could result in a costly—even deadly—incident that causes bodily harm, property damage, and significant loss of revenue.

One of the most significant hazards is fire. Auto repair shops face fire risks from hot work, flammable liquids, and car batteries. In addition to fire, auto repair and body shops are also prone to flooding, slips and falls, burglary and theft, as well as cybercrime.

Many preventative measures come down to good housekeeping: making sure paint isn’t caked onto spray paint booth walls, storing oily rags in self-closing containers, and using a lockbox to store customers’ keys. Training employees on safety policies and procedures—and enforcing those policies and procedures—represents an easy, low- cost way to help keep your people, premises, and business safe.

It’s especially important for auto repair and body shop workers to educate themselves on the risks they may face and the best ways to protect themselves and their businesses.

Download our whitepaper on risks facing auto repair and body shops

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