Northbridge Insurance becomes first Canadian insurer to partner with SmartWay to help transportation carriers understand greener freight

Toronto, May 27, 2024 – Northbridge Insurance is proud to announce that they are the first Canadian commercial insurer to become a SmartWay affiliate partner.

Offered by Natural Resources Canada, SmartWay helps businesses move goods more efficiently, while keeping fuel costs and environmental impact to a minimum. Available at no cost to carriers, freight shippers, and logistics companies of all sizes, it can help them measure, benchmark, and improve operational practices to reduce their environmental footprint.

“At Northbridge, we’ve been helping transportation companies navigate evolving industry trends for over 70 years,” said Brian Mather, Vice President, National Transportation & Logistics at Northbridge Insurance. “We know green freight considerations are becoming increasingly top of mind for carriers, but many fleets don’t know where to start. With our SmartWay partnership we’re able to support our customers as they look to better understand green freight benefits and adopt more sustainable operational practices.”

Through the SmartWay partnership, transportation customers can get access comprehensive tools, training, and resources to help them better understand how adopting green freight best practices can help improve their fuel efficiency, reduce their environmental impact, strengthen their reputation, and better position their businesses for the future.

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About Northbridge Insurance

Northbridge Insurance is a leading Canadian commercial insurer. Working with our broker partners, we aim to help businesses of all sizes. We use our in-depth industry expertise to help medium and large businesses operate more safely, so they can worry less and focus on opportunities. We also work to provide small businesses with insurance protection that’s responsive, simple, and flexible. Visit us at to learn more.

About SmartWay

SmartWay is a free and voluntary program that helps businesses move goods efficiently while keeping fuel costs and environmental impact at a minimum. Available at no cost to freight shippers, carriers, and logistics companies of all sizes, it can help you measure, benchmark, and improve your operational practices and identify ways to reduce your environmental footprint. Over 800 transportation companies participate in SmartWay across Canada, representing more than 60,000 trucks on the road.

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