Northbridge launches Commercial Connectivity solution for brokers

TORONTO, November 18, 2022 – Northbridge Insurance has launched a Commercial Connectivity solution for brokers, which enables seamless data exchange and efficient real-time quoting for small business. The solution also harnesses technology to eliminate duplicate entry. For brokers, it delivers speed, accuracy, and saves time.

This is the next step in Northbridge’s initiative to help solve a longstanding challenge in the industry – the complex environment of working with multiple processes and ways of exchanging data to provide customers with the insurance solutions they need. Northbridge was previously among the first commercial insurers in Canada to achieve Level 3 in the CSIO Commercial Lines (CL) Certification Program, a joint endeavor with Applied Systems.

“This initiative showcases our commitment to being the best partner for our brokers” says Andrea Bucek, Vice President of Distribution at Northbridge Insurance. “By combining business, process, and technology with this solution, we will begin to deliver a commercial connectivity ecosystem alongside our partner, Applied Systems, to provide an exceptional broker and customer experience.”

“The need for enhanced broker connectivity enabling seamless data exchange and efficient quoting has never been greater in the industry. Improved productivity through API’s and direct connections from BMS’s helps brokers service their small business customers more effectively and efficiently,” says Lorie Phair, President of Canadian Broker Network. “Congratulations to Northbridge for their initiative and leadership. They are setting the standard which hopefully other insurers will soon follow.”

To start, the solution will be available to pilot brokers. Since the system is not a portal, it will allow brokers to send small business submissions directly from the management system through Applied’s portfolio of Commercial Lines solutions.

“We are very excited to be a part of this pilot project and in turn improve automation and efficiencies while providing better customer service,” says Kelly Donovan, Director of Commercial Client Experience at Acera (CapriCMW). “We’ve seen firsthand the hard work and commitment Northbridge has put into this project to make it a success.”

About Northbridge Insurance

Northbridge Insurance is a leading Canadian commercial insurer. Working with our broker partners, we aim to help businesses of all sizes. We use our in-depth industry expertise to help medium and large businesses operate more safely, so they can worry less and focus on opportunities. We also work to provide small businesses with insurance protection that’s responsive, simple, and flexible. Visit us at to learn more.

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