cargo theft
cargo theft

Noteworthy News – July 4, 2017

Funding is set to begin for Toronto’s ambitious new neighbourhood at the Port Lands, Volvo vows to produce only hybrid and electric cars by 2019, and the federal government is preparing to sink $2 billion into improving trade and transportation infrastructure at provincial and national border. Here’s this week’s Noteworthy News.

Noteworthy News – July 4, 2017

  1. Toronto’s Port Lands have garnered more attention from all levels of government, who’ve pledged almost $1.2 billion to protect the area from floods – an important step toward developing a massive new mixed-use neighbourhood. Via Daily Commercial News
  1. Volvo emerges as a leader in the electric car revolution, with a promise to abandon traditional combustion engines in favour of hybrid and electric models as of 2019. Via Financial Post
  1. The federal government has earmarked $2 billion for trade and transport infrastructure, in an effort to ease the congestion at borders to help goods and people move more efficiently. Via Canadian Manufacturing
  1. Canadians are feeling optimistic about the economy, despite a looming rate hike: the Bloomberg Nanos Canadian Confidence Index hit 58.4 during the last week of June, as GDP and employment numbers continue to grow. Via Financial Post
  1. Cargo theft is an ongoing problem for the transportation industry, and it could be more serious than it seems. The Insurance Bureau of Canada insists that the proceeds of cargo and auto theft might be funding terrorist activity. Via Canadian Underwriter
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