Railroad Tracks
Railroad Tracks

Noteworthy News – June 21, 2017

Oil is struggling in the market and major Canadian companies are jumping ship, reports show that transport truck accidents account for 1 in 5 fatal crashes on Ontario roads, and Tyson Foods pushes for better livestock monitoring in the wake of an animal abuse scandal on farms in British Colombia. Here’s this week’s Noteworthy News.

Noteworthy News – June 21, 2017

  1. As oil sinks to a 7-month low and drags down the TSX, several oil and gas companies split from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, leaving the industry in uncertain territory. Via Financial Post
  1. A recent provincial police report reveals that 20% of fatal road crashes in Ontario involve transport trucks, raising concerns about the operating condition of some commercial vehicles. Via Canadian Underwriter
  1. In the wake of the animal abuse scandal at more than a dozen B.C. chicken farms, Tyson Foods installs monitoring systems at 33 chicken plants to ensure humane treatment – how will this affect livestock farming risk management? Via Canadian Manufacturing
  1. Montreal may be the new darling of the Canadian real estate market, but a bid-rigging scheme that led to a $140,000 fine for one Quebec firm sheds light on shady dealings in the condo development arena. Via Canadian Manufacturing
  1. Major flooding in Manitoba proves to have prolonged effects on transport, as Omnitrax announces the washed-out Hudson Bay Railway line to Churchill will be closed until next spring. Via Financial Post
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