potash mine
potash mine

Noteworthy News – May 3, 2017

Saskatchewan is set to open a new potash mine that could prove very lucrative, Uber’s self-driving car program is on the brink of collapse and Ontario home inspectors are feeling the ill effects of the red-hot housing market. Here’s this week’s Noteworthy News.

Noteworthy News – May 3, 2017

  1. Clean-up efforts in Fort McMurray are taking a creative turn in one woodshop, where a local carpenter makes furniture out of charred wood gathered after the fire to breathe new life into the razed land and recovering community. Via CBC
  1. Saskatchewan’s new potash mine is set to open for business. The province’s first new potash mine in 40 years is expected to produce two million tonnes of potash this year, and low production costs means that big profits could be on the horizon. Via CBC
  1. Uber’s self-driving car program is on the rocks, and depending on the judge’s decision, the company’s entire growth strategy could be in jeopardy. Via Fortune
  1. As the Ontario housing market continues to soar, more people are willing to forgo home inspections, and that’s led to a 30% to 50% drop in business for home inspectors. Via the Globe and Mail
  1. More businesses are cutting out Internet access in an attempt to create a communal atmosphere, but with digital expectations growing, are no-WiFi policies worth the risk? Via the Globe and Mail
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