Noteworthy News – September 13, 2017

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner office is working to protect Canadians against future risks after the massive Equifax hack, certain Ontario public construction projects may soon require surety bonds written by licensed insurers, and the housing market sees an unexpected rise in August. Read more for this week’s Noteworthy News:

Noteworthy News – September 13, 2017

  1. The massive Equifax hack has caught the attention of Canada’s Privacy Commissioner office as it works to protect Canadians against future risks. Via Global News
  1. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp boosted expectations for economic growth in the third quarter as condo building continues to surge. Via Business News Network
  1. Surety bonds written by licensed insurers will be a requirement for certain Ontario public construction projects if Bill 142 is passed into law. Via Canadian Underwriter
  1. The latest Statistics Canada report showed that a downturn in the manufacturing sector slowed income growth in Ontario, and the proportion of low-income residents is on the rise. Via Toronto Star
  1. US-based research shows vehicles with automated safety systems are preventing car crashes due to lane drifting or missed blind-spot checks. Via Phys.org
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