rent control
rent control

Noteworthy News – April 5, 2017

Random drug testing set to begin for TTC employees, the province gets serious about Ontario’s rent control problem and the prospect of electric cars has the Canadian oil industry on edge.  Here’s this week’s Noteworthy News:

Noteworthy News – April 5, 2017

  1. After a lengthy court battle, the TTC prepares to impose a random drug testing policy amid union objections. The recent ruling cites public safety above personal rights, in the wake of troubling reports of widespread substance abuse among TTC employees. Via the Toronto Star
  1. As Ontario Premier Wynne promises to curb the “unacceptable” rent hikes with stricter rent control policies, developers warn that the province’s surging construction sector could suffer. Via CTV News
  1. Retail is going digital, but paper proves practical: research indicates that around 91% of Canadian consumers read a grocery flyer each month, suggesting that retailers save some room in their budget for traditional marketing maneuvers. Via Financial Post
  1. Electric cars are on the rise, forcing the Canadian oil industry to consider its role in a battery-powered future. Cars and trucks account for 40% of the worldwide demand for oil, which means an economic shake-up is in store as electric vehicles takeover the roads. Via Financial Post
  1. A refrigeration trailer with $45,000 worth of lettuce was hauled off in a recent case of cargo theft, demonstrating that drivers should always keep their guard up – no matter what they’re transporting. Via CBC
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