Noteworthy News – August 16, 2017

Farmers are hoping specialized weather services can offer more accurate weather forecasts to help maximize return on crops, backcountry regions in British Columbia are experiencing economic hardship due to ongoing wildfires, and a provincial initiative is launching to train skilled workers to handle low-carbon, green projects. Read more for this week’s Noteworthy News:

Noteworthy News – August 16, 2017

  1. Canadian farmers are turning to specialized weather services that can help provide more accurate weather forecasts to maximize yield on larger plots while coping with extreme weathers conditions. Via Canadian Manufacturing
  1. Windsor’s manufacturing sector business owners and workers are keeping their eyes on the NAFTA negotiation as talks focusing on manufacturing regulations are scheduled to begin this week. Via CBC
  1. Businesses in the backcountry regions of British Columbia are experiencing economic hardship as ongoing wildfires have forced area closures during peak tourism season. Via Canadian Underwriter
  1. Rising expense costs, high taxes, and government policies are negatively impacting Canadian small business owners’ ability to stay competitive and open for their customers. Via The Globe and Mail
  1. Ontario’s Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development is launching an initiative to train skilled workers in preparation for low-carbon, green jobs that is expected to grow in the near future. Via On-site Magazine
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