Noteworthy News – June 14, 20171 minute read

An investigation into animal abuse on more than a dozen B.C. chicken farms is underway, Montreal is poised to become an important arena for the AI revolution, and a truck rollover on an Ontario highway sheds light on the dangers of towing toxic cargo. Here’s this week’s Noteworthy News.

Noteworthy News – June 14, 2017

  1. In another blow to traditional retail business, Sears Canada is bracing for its demise as key stockholders look to sell off the 113-year-old company. Via the Toronto Star
  1. Animal advocates have sparked an investigation into the alleged animal abuse at over a dozen large farms in B.C., putting the Chicken Farmers of Canada on the defensive. Via Canadian Manufacturing
  1. Will Montreal become the next Silicon Valley? One remarkable startup is on track to bring a revolutionary AI offering to traditional Canadian industries, with the help of a US$102 million investment. Via Financial Post
  1. A truck rollover shut down a section of the QEW in Ontario over fears of a toxic chemical leak, putting some St. Catharines residents under a shelter-in-place order. Do you know if and how your fleet is covered in such an emergency? Via Canadian Manufacturing
  1. Are electric cars veering toward total market domination? Not quite yet, says a recent study that points out just how we can expect the automotive landscape to change by 2030. Via the Globe and Mail
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