Noteworthy News – May 10, 20171 minute read

New Ontario truck drivers scramble to get their licenses before MELT comes into effect, semi-automated driving may be more dangerous than it seems and contractors working on federal projects could be getting some help when the time comes to collect payment. Here’s this week’s Noteworthy News.

Noteworthy News – May 10, 2017

  1. Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) for truck drivers is set to begin, and DriveTest centres are dealing with a spike in applicants – appointments are up 20% from last March, and the lines are getting longer as the July 1 deadline approaches. Via Today’s Trucking
  1. Do semi-automated cars affect road safety? According to one recent study, drivers who use semi-automated driver support systems – like adaptive cruise control and lane keeping systems – respond more slowly to critical events on the road. Via Canadian Underwriter
  1. A stretch of Toronto’s waterfront could become a connected high-tech city in the near future. Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., has plans to expand, connect and entirely transform a 12-acre strip – a move that could change the face of the urban center’s tech business sector. Via Financial Post
  1. Canadian companies are experiencing more cyber attacks than ever before, and corporate espionage is behind the list of threats. Some cybersecurity companies warn that Canada is vulnerable to data breaches led by international firms, but new legal requirements could help. Via Financial Post
  1. Delay of payment is a major problem for small and mid-sized construction businesses in Canada, but that’s about to change for some companies. The Canada Prompt Payment Act will help contractors and sub-contractors on federal government construction work collect payment more quickly. Via On-Site
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