construction industry
construction industry

Noteworthy News – May 24, 2017

Canadian wholesale profits soar with healthy lumber sales, a general strike brings the Quebec construction sector to a standstill, and Google is tapping into more of your data to connect digital activity to real-world sales. Here’s this week’s Noteworthy News:

Noteworthy News – May 24, 2017

  1. Good news for Canadian wholesale businesses: while some manufacturing and resource industries are seeing fewer profits, the boom in lumber exports is pushing wholesale sales into record territory, topping $60 billion in March. Via The Toronto Star
  1. 175,000 Quebec construction workers have launched their second general strike in four years, citing contentions over work schedules, salaries and overtime. The walkout could cost the Quebec economy $45 million a day. Via CTV News
  1. Google takes activity-tracking to new heights: as the search engine works to connect digital ads to real-world debit and credit card transactions with their new store-sales measurement tool, some privacy watchdogs are on edge. Via The Toronto Star
  1. Over 75% of Canadian business owners and executives are concerned about imminent cyber breaches, but less than 50% say that their company will be investing more in cybersecurity. Where does your business fall – and are you putting yourself at risk? Via Canadian Underwriter
  1. Could Newfoundland be Canada’s newest high-tech hub? How the unassuming yet adaptable province could wind up leading a digital surge of startups, software and social enterprise. Via The Financial Post
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